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Shopping as the central activity of your trip is interesting. So you can travel to new destinations while enjoying your shopping. New York City, Tokyo, London, Paris, Dubai, and Milan are the must-see shopping destinations. These cities are famous for their shopping malls, designer boutiques, eccentric fashion and shopping festivals. Shopping on a trip is about combining business with pleasure and enjoying the prices and rarity of certain items.

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Unmissable cities in fashion

New York City

New York City (USA)

Fashion is part of the culture in New York City and it is both electric and surprising. The American city is known for its fashion week which is organized twice a year and its unmissable fashion shows.


Paris (France)

The French capital is undoubtedly to enjoy ready-to-wear clothing. When you say Paris, you say luxury with its big names of haute couture, jewellery and unique fashion designers.


London (United Kingdom)

London is in a class of its own when it comes to fashion. British fashion is unmistakable, mixing royalty and tradition. London also has its Fashion Week, the week-long fashion show that takes place every six months.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles (USA)

Los Angeles has become a fashion hot spot in recent years. This city is one of the best shopping places with its unbeatable prices. Caps, denim minishorts, rollerblades, it’s really too much class.


Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona is one of the most important cities in the fashion world. Spain used to be one of the most fashionable countries in the world and in Barcelona you will find thousands of ready-to-wear boutiques.


Rome (Italy)

The Santo Spirito in Sassia hosts the fashion show twice a year. Traditional Italian products and Italian fashion are on the menu in the capital of Italy, one of the best destinations for shopping enthusiasts.

Travelling during the sales

Sales periods vary from country to country. When travelling, you can combine pleasure and good deals. Women who want to refurbish their wardrobe or buy trendy items can take advantage of this.

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Some cities are better than others when it comes to the shopping and striking the best deals

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Enjoy the lowest and most affordable prices in the best shopping destinations in Europe and around the world.

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Cities where you can fin several shopping spots : top brand boutiques, shopping centres…

Dream destinations and exotic trips

Colombia – a country that until recently has escaped the tourist trail. Hike through Tayrona National Park, an eco-traveller's dream destination

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Fashion shows and haute couture

Model casting

Model casting is an opportunity for a man or a woman to be spotted and to start a great career in the world of modeling. These castings are organised by modeling agencies.

Ready-to-wear fashion shows

They are gatherings where creators present their works to the general public. Attend the biggest ready-to-wear fashion shows and don’t miss the latest fashion trends.

Becoming a fashion designer

In addition to the diploma, which is required, the fashion designer must have certain qualities. He must be both creative and pragmatic in order to create models that stand up to competition.