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fleece hoodie

The graphic fleece hoodie

Hoodies will always make a fashion statement. They are great in getting you into a good mood. Despite not being overly fashionable, they are quite comfortable and are a great way of giving you a youthful look. You can check…

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Fashion industry

How the fashion industry is keeping up with the sustainability trend

With the industry accounting for about 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, there are ways that can be adopted to reduce the impact and positively marry¬†sustainability and luxury industry. A recent report now predicts that, if not controlled, the industry…

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Fashion guide for men

Fashion Tips: Take Advantage of an Online Guide

At times, it gets complicated to balance family, work, and dressing stylish every day. Often in fashion, we miss out on small but necessary details. If you continuously follow a¬†fashion guide, you will note that fashion trends change every season….

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natural stones jewellery

Benefits of wearing natural stones jewellery

A famous inventor once observed that the secrets to finding a happy fulfilled life, are vibrations energy and frequency. Once these elements have been conquered, then one can enjoy and be in control of his destiny with little or no…

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Eyelash Extensions

Online guide to learn all about eyelash extensions

Once just the secret of celebrities, lash extensions are now the latest beauty trend to hit the high street. Whether you are looking to create volume and thickness to your lashes for a special event or just want to ditch…

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Interview with the creator of the brand Ann&Line

This month, I introduce you to Caroline , blogger and creator of the Ann&Line brand. A young woman who left her job and her country to follow her husband and who has recreated a universe for herself with her brand…

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Facial beauty & care

My latest grooming purchases Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion #3: a product I discovered 15 years ago now and to which I happily return when my hormones go off and my skin breaks down. Dr. Brandt’s Cleanser cleanser: which I use with…

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Capsule Wardrobe Part 1

After ” So Basic So chic “, a new book from my darling ” My dressing To-do list “. For some time now, I’ve been talking to him about the perfect dressing-room movement, and the Less is more concept. So…

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Finally: Wardrobe capsule

So that’s it, here we are, I have finally sorted, given, sold, bought back and constituted my Wardrobe capsule (well almost!!!! I would have to do the same for my shoes and bags). I made one for several seasons, but…

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I’ve wanted a pair of espadrilles for a while, but not the simple ones like the ones I wore when I was younger. No, I was looking for the ones that go from the beach to a cocktail party. The…

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