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This week’s theme : grow younger Well, I’m not 20 anymore, but I’m not 70 either. So to get younger: not easy! Some ideas: 1- Avoid black which hardens the features, prefer color or white. 2- We will avoid the mid-calf…

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Preparing for your stay in Chicago, restaurant, shopping and visa

Chicago is a lively, vibrant and architecturally well-made city. Situated close to Lake Michigan (almost a sea) with 42 km of public beaches, it offers everything you are looking for on holiday. Navy Pier is the amusement park where you…

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Buying branded clothing: opting for second-hand sale of branded clothing

Buying designer clothes is an emotional rather than a rational choice. There are many haute couture creations. In spite of their reputation for exorbitant prices, this type of textile products still attracts as many customers. In any case, the main…

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