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Brunello Cucinelli

Italian Brunello Cucinelli confirms its succession plan

The Italian fashion mogul Brunello Cucinelli has announced a succession plan that he hopes will invigorate his business moving forward. It is a business decision he hopes will position the company strategically and increase its efficiency moving forward. Brunello Cucinelli…

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Pine Island

After 2 hours of stopover, a business lounge with Wi-Fi and here I am back among you !!! After my 3 days mission in Noumea, I had the chance to leave for a few days on the Isle of Pines,…

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Reunion, a multifaceted island

Reunion, the Intense Island. Things to do : The hike to the volcano, physically intense but extraordinary when you get to the top. Small advice, leave very early in the morning because the mist rises early and then the view is…

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Which period to choose to go to Montenegro?

The best time of year for a vacation in Montenegro is from May to October. But be aware that it is very hot in July and August and that the beaches are full of tourists. So it’s best to go…

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The essentials: what to do in Rwanda?

With its varied ecosystems and abundance of wildlife and national parks, Rwanda offers many activities unique to the country and the region, such as tracking gorillas, camping by a beautiful lake and discovering the local cuisine. Hiking on the volcanoes…

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How to prepare your trip to Senegal?

Senegal is colourful, Senegal is noisy, Senegal is impressive. But, above all, Senegal is an authentic and unique paradise. The West African nation is the homeland of the famous singer Youssou Ndour. However, he is not the only one to…

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Cheap accommodation tips for traveling to Sweden in summer

Sweden’s popularity as a tourist destination continues to grow. Here’s your guide to avoiding crowds, getting off the beaten track and catching up on a good night’s sleep in Sweden’s out-of-the-ordinary accommodation. Falknästet The Kullen lighthouse (Kullens fyr) on the…

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Why choose Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands for your honeymoon?

Have you thought about going to South America for your honeymoon? We suggest the Galapagos Islands! These islands offer pristine white sandy beaches, luxury hotels, peace and adventure for newly married couples looking to escape the hectic pace of everyday…

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