Rates for cosmetic surgeries abroad

Cosmetic surgery performed abroad is a safe procedure if one chooses to contact experienced organizers. The advantage with this type of intervention is that the affordable operation is performed by professionals. But by the way, how much does the operation and the stay cost?

Estimated prices of surgery in Tunisia

The fee for a surgical operation may include hotel accommodation with full board, the surgeon's and anaesthetist's fees, pre- and post-operative consultations, necessary prostheses and accessories, travel to the hotel, clinic, airport, etc. If necessary, the fee also includes medication and post-operative care by the nurse at the hotel. Please note that these rates do not take into account travel expenses, excursions, travel insurance. The cervico-facial lift is estimated at €2600, €2000 for chin surgery. A Breast Lift with prosthesis is an operation that costs around €2600, a Breast Reduction costs around €2200 and €2000 for breast augmentation or a Breast Lift without prosthesis. A buttock lift costs around €1400, €2200 for a thigh lift or liposuction.

Opt for a flight + surgery package

It is possible to save money by choosing cosmetic surgery abroad with an all-inclusive flight package. By contacting a medical tour operator, tourists can contact an agency capable of organizing and coordinating the various steps necessary to ensure that everything goes smoothly. The agency takes care of the entire stay abroad from the reception at the airport, during the whole stay as well as the intervention in a professional clinic. By favouring aesthetic travel, the patient-tourist benefits from an excellent price-quality ratio. Thanks to an aesthetic trip to Tunisia, the European globetrotter will be surprised to find that the costs of the services are reduced by half compared to the posted rates in Europe. The cost of the intervention can be saved by comparing the estimates.

Prices for cosmetic surgery in Europe

The cost of a facial aesthetic procedure depends on the nature of the service. The cost of facial surgery alone is estimated between €2450 and €2920. A complete cosmetic surgery including face, neck and lower and upper eyelid lift will cost around 5950 €. Some procedures cost a small fortune when performed in a European clinic. This is the case of breast lifting with breast implants. The operation costs between €5650 and €6450. For wrinkle treatment, the 1st zone injection costs around €300.
Cosmetic surgery: a trip that will change your life

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