Italian Brunello Cucinelli confirms its succession plan

Brunello Cucinelli

The Italian fashion mogul Brunello Cucinelli has announced a succession plan that he hopes will invigorate his business moving forward. It is a business decision he hopes will position the company strategically and increase its efficiency moving forward. Brunello Cucinelli is best known for designing the Brunello Cucinelli shoes brand found on They range from sandals, slides, runners, loafers and sneakers. Although most of the designer shoes are meant for women, he also has a collection for men.

Luca Lisandoni

He joins the brand as a co-CEO from a stint at Luxottica Brazil, where he served as the general manager. His new role at fashion house elevates him to the board, sitting with Cucinelli and other investors.

Luca is an accomplished fashion manager who has 16 years of experience in brand management. His first job was marketing lead for L’Oreal Italy, where he managed the “Studio Line” brand. He was promoted to account manager, commercial and strategy manager for Luxottica Global Office before managing their franchise in Brazil.

He joined Cucinelli’s business in April 2016 as the Chief Commercial Officer in charge of Brand Networks and Management. The position elevated him to the Director’s position, where he contributed to the overall development of the fashion house. As of May 2020, he was promoted to Group Co-CEO with powers to oversee its global markets.

He studied Economics and Social Sciences from the Luigi Bocconi Commercial University and graduated in 2003 with honours.

Riccardo Stephani

Ricardo is the new CEO for Products and Operations. Before his promotions, he was the fashion house Chief Commercial Manager, a position he served for 2 years before his promotion. He is an expert in strategic planning, finance and commercial management with vast experience in retail and control planning management.
Ricardo understands the inner workings of the fashion house, having worked in the commercial, human resource and legal departments. His expertise in investments and enterprise management makes him the best choice for the operations lead for the company.

He is an alumnus of Perugia University, where he graduated in 2004 with a degree in Legal sciences. However, his versatility in sales, operations, legal and brand management makes him an all-rounded person to steer the operations division.

Brunello’s Role in the New Succession Plan

As the founder of the brand, Cucinelli will assume the executive president role. He will also head the creative directorate as he is the vision career of the company. Under him will be a team of creative who will innovate, design and make exemplary fashion items. The new structure relieves Cucinelli of the administrative duties to focus on the creative side of the business. The Marketing division led by Luca will have offices in Milan, while the Operations division led by Ricardo will have its base in Solomeo.

The board passed the decision and commissioned the search for new administrative heads. Luckily, the two candidates have been with the company for some time and understand the inner working of the company. Despite Ricardo being Cucinelli son-in-law, he is an experienced fashion and brand manager. He understands women's fashion and knows how to run production and distribution campaigns.

The three gentlemen will run the fashion house, each in his area of expertise. With competition popping out from every corner of Italy, Europe and the world, they plan to produce and distribute brunello cucinelli women's shoes and fashion apparels to the world.

Notable Brands From the Cucinelli Collection

Among the most notable products of the Cucinelli group are women's fashion, especially the brunello cucinelli women's shoes. They come in different styles, from official to casual and sporty. Some of their most trendy women’s shoes include the Calfskin heels for an official and evening out. Other women shoes include suede slides, sandals and Espadrilles.

The company also produces unisex shoes ranging from knit runners, suede snickers, calfskin’s derby and Taffeta and Suede Sneakers. It also has uniquely designed gumboots, which are more comfortable than normal rainy gumboots. They all come in different prices depending on the shoe design. The most expensive shoe is $1295, while the most affordable is $595.

With more design coming out in the near future, the fashion house will be a hub for both shoes and other fashion apparels. The new management structure diversifies each portfolio and gives each executive team member the powers to run their departments. Luca and Riccardo are both in their prime age, and if utilised prudently, they can scale the company to greater heights.

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