Benefits of wearing natural stones jewellery

natural stones jewellery

A famous inventor once observed that the secrets to finding a happy fulfilled life, are vibrations energy and frequency. Once these elements have been conquered, then one can enjoy and be in control of his destiny with little or no obstructions. These very words unveil the very fundamental reality for success. All this can then connected to the healing properties of gems and crystals. Why not look glamorous and in control of your life concurrently? However you choose to work with your natural stone jewellery, it is important to keep in mind that, the stone itself is not going to magically transform you simply because you wear one. No, the intentions and skill with which it is used are crucial and the absolute faith and intentions have great effects on the gems and their power to transmit beneficial vibrations as elaborated in

How to use natural jewelry to benefit from its healing properties

Although some natural jewelry do work without the need to be induced, many need proper care and handling in their acquisition process before they can be used to their full satisfaction. There is also a big difference between a mineral or gem simply placed somewhere to work on their own and one who’s frequency and vibration is being induced consciously.It is important to learn to believe and acknowledge your instincts when working with crystals and natural stones. Simply letting the stones work on their own and not listening to your instincts will see you miss out on significant transformation and growth opportunities.

Gems and Fashion

Crystals and natural stones enhance our already inborn power, helping us to ignite and explore our highest capabilities. Different types of these minerals and crystals all have different vibrations and reflect on different areas of our existence. It is therefore vital to know the characteristics of the gems you are wearing so as to foster its effectiveness and not hinder it. Wearing jewelry has been a tradition for centuries in different continents. Many trends appear over time and disappear as quickly when new fashion sets in. However, there are some fashion trends that remain timeless. For folks who understand, love and appreciate natural stones are aware that stones do have properties that differentiate themselves from others. There are many benefits and individuals who are fashion and healthy concise acknowledges this fact. Apart from beauty, these stones may be used in spiritual practices that promote different types of healing. For example, some certain gemstones are used to restore a balance of energy to the body, promote well being and the feeling of inner peace and tranquility.

How do you effectively use stone properties to benefit from its healing power?

Choose the right gemstone. You should put your focus on the color, shape, and size rather than its magical properties. By doing this, it helps you to easily find the right crystal for you. Have a goal and direct your stone in achieving it. Speak to your crystal and command it on what to do. You should be very precise about what you want the stone to achieve for you because it already exists in the universe. You only need the right energy to attain it. Wear the stone as frequently as possible. Your vibrations and that of your stone should be aligned for the healing effect to work on you. Meditate, while wearing your crystal, spend some time meditating to allow the energies and vibrations within you to unleash their healing potential. Crystal is also used in litho therapy. The positive energies that stones emanate into our bodies induce deep relaxation, calming of the mind and enhances balance peace and harmony within our lives.

Types and benefits of important crystals

Turquoise: This is the oldest healing crystal known to mankind. It’s said to bring luck to whoever wears it. Also, it has the effects of healing the heart, mind, and soul to its bearer.

Bloodstone: It has been known to clean the blood in our system and enhance the seamless flow of blood.

Rose Quart: This is the master healer of the heart, according to many researchers. It enables the bearer to acquire the most powerful force in the world, and that is love.

Carnelian: This unlocks creativity in a person.

Citrine: This is the engine of positivity. It directs positive vibrations

Pearl jewelry: Pearls have been known to aid in the treatment of digestive problems, and also in boosting fertility in human beings.

Jade: In the Chinese tradition, jade is considered the stone for health and wealth. It also builds inner peace, stamina, and love.

Goldstone or sandstone: It has the ability to generates positive energy to its bearer.

Silver Jewelry: Silver has for a long time been associated with uplifting moods and boosts bone health.

Lazuli: The Romans have always held the belief that this beautiful stone has some healing properties.

Wearing these gems is very important for bringing the supernatural and the natural benefits into a person’s life, in a more practical way. However, the stones’ properties and stone virtues have to be well analyzed for effective compatibility and subsequent healing. Gift yourself or love one and witness the amazing transformation.

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