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Hoodies will always make a fashion statement. They are great in getting you into a good mood. Despite not being overly fashionable, they are quite comfortable and are a great way of giving you a youthful look. You can check out for some unique women hoodies and men hoodies .

However, graphic fleece hoodies are increasingly coming up and are blowing up the fashion industry. For the past few years, hoods have always been known to be for use during the winter season or when the weather gets extremely cold. Today, a wide variety of hood designs come with stunning graphics and are becoming more acceptable among the youth.

It's interesting to note that you can wear most of the new hood designs any time of the year during any season. So, what are graphic fleece hoodies?

What are graphic fleece hoodies?

Hoodies are jumpers, jackets or pullover sweatshirts that have a hood. Hoodies are mainly casual and can at times be worn as sportswear. When you choose to wear hoodies as sportswear, you will have to accompany it with leggings or sweatpants. Hoodies are warm and very comfortable. The hands have bands that help in trapping heat. Cool hoodies also work as head warmers especially during the cold seasons and you can pair awesomely with skinny jeans.

Most men graphic hoodies and women graphic hoodies have two big pockets on the torso where you can hide your hands and keep them warm. You can also find graphic fleece hoods in an online store and they come with great designs. For instance, some come as zip hoodies meaning you can take them off easily. Graphic fleece hoodies are mostly unisex. However, they are slight differences between men graphic hoodies and women graphic hoodies.

All about graphic fleece hoodies

With graphic fleece hoodies, the party is inside the hoodie. Fleece feels so soft against your skin especially when you wear it after the first wash. When the fleece hoodie pills off and slowly lose its cloud-like qualities. Graphic fleece hoodies will always have a special place in your wardrobe. Fleece can be a nostalgic fabric as you might have worn it as a school uniform or borrowed a hood from a friend. You will never leave let your graphic fleece hoodie leave your closet.

Graphic fleece hoodies are a bit thicker than jerseys. They are fuzzy on the inside and this is what makes graphic fleece hoodies distinguishable. What makes fleece hoodies unique is the fleecing. Fleece sweatshirts are mostly made from polyester or cotton and are included with spandex to make them more stretchable and for easy recovery.

What to wear with graphic fleece hoodies

Its easy styling graphic men hoodies and women hoodies as long as you want to look stylish and casual. You can choose to pair your graphic fleece hoodie with a pair of denim and sneakers to get a refreshing look. The best way to wear a graphic fleece hoodie is by layering it up on top of pieces such as cardigans, tank tops or short sleeve t-shirts. If you are looking to achieve a quick cover-up look, you can choose to pair up your graphic hoodie with swimsuits. Keep in mind that you can not pair up all outfits with graphic hoodies.

How will you know the best outfit to pair it up with your graphic fleece sweater? Here are a few outfit ideas that you can pair up with cool hoodies

  • Hoodie and coat: Coats will always be versatile as they can blend perfectly with formal or corporate or casual wear. This can be because it is mainly meant to keep you warm and stylish at the same time. You can find Graphic hoodies in an online store that can blend well with coats, especially when you feel like getting loose during the weekends. To round off your fresh look, you can pair up your hoodie with some loose pants and white sneakers.
  • Hoodie and bomber jacket: bomber jackets are known to represent urban lifestyles. You can switch up your urban look by pairing your bomber jacket with a graphic fleece hoodie. This combination will merge the urban lifestyle with some class. The wool, nylon and leather bomber will stay on the outside while your graphic hoodie stays inside. To get that youthful look, you can choose to leave the bomber jacket zipped down.

In a nutshell

New hoodies usually provide warmth during the cold seasons and remain breathable during the summer season. Graphic fleece hoodies are versatile as you can blend them with most outfits. However, you will have to be creative when it comes to mixing colors. 

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