Pine Island

After 2 hours of stopover, a business lounge with Wi-Fi and here I am back among you !!! After my 3 days mission in Noumea, I had the chance to leave for a few days on the Isle of Pines, a small rock south of Noumea. Several types of accommodation are available to you according to your budget, campsites, cottages and hotels (remember to book well in advance!!!). For my part I have chosen to stay at the hotel Kou Bugny on the bay of Kuto, one of the most beautiful bays of the island, a fine white sand like flour and turquoise water, in which if you are lucky, you can see a manta ray or turtles. Before coming to the island, I was expressly recommended to take a pirogue ride to the bay of Upi and to go and see the natural swimming pool of Oro. I complied. So here I am, leaving from St Joseph's Bay on a dugout canoe built of columnar pine, in translucent water. 1h30 later we arrive Upi Bay, a mini version of Along Bay. We are dropped on the beach and there a little walk awaits us (you have to earn Oro), we cross a lush forest populated with columnar pines and palm trees of all kinds, for 45 minutes. And there "OH MY G.. ", the natural swimming pool of Oro The Japanese say that if the earthly paradise exists, Oro is approaching it. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I let you admire the following pictures. If you are lucky enough to go to New Caledonia and especially to the Isle of Pines, don't miss this exceptional site, where fish swim between your legs. I will make another post about my trip to New Caledonia soon.
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