Which period to choose to go to Montenegro?

The best time of year for a vacation in Montenegro is from May to October. But be aware that it is very hot in July and August and that the beaches are full of tourists. So it's best to go to the mountains at this time of the year. As for skiers, they must travel between January and April.

Traveling to Montenegro in spring or autumn

Late spring and early autumn are the best times of the year to travel to Montenegro. The temperatures are adequate and not too high. The beaches are not yet occupied by summer tourists. Whether you want to go kayaking, diving or hiking, explore Montenegrin villages, participate in all the festivals or explore the national parks, this is the best time to go!

Traveling to Montenegro in summer

Montenegrin summers are very hot and many tourists make the most of their long vacation by visiting the country. So protect yourself from the crowds by choosing to visit national parks or mountains. With the pretty villages that you will discover in these magical places, you will have the opportunity to spend a refreshing and completely charming vacation.

When to discover Montenegro's national parks

Lake Skadar National Park is the largest in the Balkans. Here you will see all kinds of birds flying around the stone villages and monastery islands. You can also taste the famous regional wines. Also don't miss the National Park and the Durmitor massif, as well as the wonderful Black Lake. To experience the epitome of peace and quiet, visit the Biogradska Gora National Park on the shores of the beautiful Lake Biograd. What we can recommend is that you choose summer and autumn to explore Montenegro's national parks.

When to plan your sports holiday in Montenegro

The sport you should practice in Montenegro is white water rafting, but you can also kayak in the Bay of Kotor or Lake Skadar. Don't forget to try diving and kitesurfing on the south coast. The country is also ideal for hiking: you can walk in the mountains in summer and avoid the crowds on the beaches. You can also rent bikes and, of course, ski between January and March, in Durmitor National Park in particular.
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