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Eyelash Extensions

Once just the secret of celebrities, lash extensions are now the latest beauty trend to hit the high street. Whether you are looking to create volume and thickness to your lashes for a special event or just want to ditch the mascara for a few weeks on holiday, extensions are a non-harmful way to bring added length, curl and fluffiness to your eyelashes. Made from a wide selection of materials including mink and human hair, once you experience lash extensions you won't want to go back to your look before.

Eyelash Extensions

Uniquely customisable to each client, applying extensions to eyelashes is able to achieve both a natural and ultra glamourous result depending on personal preference. Ideal for weddings, holidays or to enhance your everyday look, it is now even easier than ever to bring out the beauty of the eyes via this technique. For more information about extensions, click here and explore their wide range of achievable looks and products. Although many choose to wear extensions on their own, it is still possible to add mascara on top of eyelash extensions if you wish to create a more dramatic look.

Beauty of the Eyes

An easy way to enhance the beauty of the eyes is by using lash extensions. These lash extensions mean you are ready to go anytime, with no need to worry about mascara or false lashes, creating a natural yet enhanced fresh faced look. They will not damage your natural lashes underneath and can now even be worn when showering or swimming. Easy to maintain, lash extensions are a good option for those who enjoy looking polished but don't want the fuss of false lashes and messy mascara. Now you can look as good the morning after as you do the night before.

Applying Eyelashes

It is recommended to visit your local salon to see a trained therapist when applying eyelashes. You should continue to do so every month thereafter in order to maintain the upkeep of your look. Your therapist will conduct an initial consultation to make sure you are able to achieve your desired result. Lashes can be made from a variety of materials including mink and human hair, depending on the cost you are looking to pay. Most sets will last for one cycle of your natural lashes underneath, between four to six weeks which is why it is therefore advisable to have your lashes maintained by your salon once a month to keep up your look.

Russian Volume Misencil

The latest in high quality lash extension technique, Russian Volume Misencil brings even more volume and thickness than ever to your lashes. Ideal for those whose natural lashes are shorter or thinner, the Russian Volume Misencil lashes can actually fill in these gaps, creating a flawless and naturally glamourous finish. With laboratory testing and technology behind them, these lashes don't just make you look good, they also do good, thanks to the green apple stem cells contained in each lash which helps to promote growth and thickness to your natural lashes underneath as well as enhance the beauty of your eyes.

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