Cheap accommodation tips for traveling to Sweden in summer

Sweden's popularity as a tourist destination continues to grow. Here's your guide to avoiding crowds, getting off the beaten track and catching up on a good night's sleep in Sweden's out-of-the-ordinary accommodation.


The Kullen lighthouse (Kullens fyr) on the Kullaberg peninsula in the south is Sweden's highest lighthouse. At its foot is Falknästet (Falcon's Nest), a remarkable one-room hotel with a round bed suspended from the ceiling and panoramic windows offering a magnificent view of the sunset.

Fabriken Furillen

Fabriken Furillen is a concrete and hardwood design in the middle of a former limestone quarry. The buildings reflect the raw industrial context, while acting as comfortable and 'cosy' shelters. Whether you choose to stay in a hotel room or a hermit's cabin, the remote location of this hotel on the Furillen Peninsula on the island of Gotland makes it a must-see stay.

Salt & Sill

Salt & Sill is a hotel close to the sea. Six two-storey houses combine to create a floating hotel steeped in minimalist Nordic design. The hotel is permanently moored on the small fishing island of Klädesholmen, hence the name Salt & Sill, which means herring. The island is only a 45-minute drive north of Gothenburg.

Utter Inn Hotel

In Lake Mälaren, outside Västerås, floats a lonely red cottage. It marks the entrance to the Hotell Utter Inn, an underwater hotel. Above the water you will find kitchen facilities. Below the surface is the bedroom with panoramic windows overlooking the underwater world. Launched as an art project by Mikael Genberg, the Utter Inn is extremely popular during the season from April to October. Alternatively, why not try Hotell Hackspett (Woodpecker) by the same artist?

Staying in the Jumbo

Jumbo Stay is a jumbo (Boeing 747) converted into a hostel. The conversion included the removal of 450 seats to make room for 27 rooms and 76 beds. This aircraft, parked at the entrance of Stockholm Arlanda Airport, offers an economical alternative to more expensive hotels. Perfect for plane spotters as well as anyone needing to catch an early morning flight.
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