How to prepare your trip to Senegal?

Senegal is colourful, Senegal is noisy, Senegal is impressive. But, above all, Senegal is an authentic and unique paradise. The West African nation is the homeland of the famous singer Youssou Ndour. However, he is not the only one to bring this country to sing and dance, music and conversation are the soul of the Senegalese. Here are, in short, the main information you need to know in order to prepare your trip to Senegal...

The arrival in Senegal

The country's capital, Dakar, is a crowded but culturally rich place. It is a convenient entry point for those hoping to travel across West Africa. Frequent international flights arrive from many major European airports at reasonable prices. Once in the country, many visitors choose to move outside the capital to experience a more peaceful setting and discover the life of a West African village.


Senegal can be a difficult country to travel through. Local transport is slow and inefficient. Most roads are in poor condition and there are numerous transport strikes that freeze public transport for several days at a time. Most vehicles are old and are subject to frequent breakdowns. You can be assured that if your bus breaks down, the driver is almost always able to operate it again. You may often be late, but eventually you will be moving again. Despite all these challenges, a trip to Senegal will at least give you a taste of the challenges and emotions of living in an African country.

Don’t worry, Senegal is safe

Senegal is known to be a safe country. Although visitors, especially women travelling alone, should take the usual precautions, solo visits should not pose major problems. The inhabitants are friendly, and robberies and violent crimes against tourists are quite rare.

What about your luggage ?

A trip to Senegal is more or less difficult to prepare; the climate is dry and very hot in summer, but most of the inhabitants are Muslims, so it is advisable to dress modestly. To show respect, choosing the right clothing for a trip to Senegal is a more serious task than on your last beach holiday. Here is a list of what you will need:
  • Copies of documents
  • Trousers or skirts of varying lengths
  • Tops with more or less long sleeves
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Pyjamas
  • Walking shoes or sandals
  • Toiletries
  • Drugs
  • Purse belt
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