Why choose Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands for your honeymoon?

Have you thought about going to South America for your honeymoon? We suggest the Galapagos Islands! These islands offer pristine white sandy beaches, luxury hotels, peace and adventure for newly married couples looking to escape the hectic pace of everyday life. Below are a few reasons why a honeymoon in the Galapagos offers a unique experience that perfectly complements the joy of the occasion.

Exceptional landscape

From turquoise to crystalline waters where tropical fish swim among deep, black rocks, contrasting with beautiful white sandy beaches, lit by the fading rays of the sun and unencumbered by the city's pollution, the Galapagos Islands offer newlyweds breathtaking scenery that can only be truly appreciated.

Isolation and tranquillity

The unique formation of the Galapagos Archipelago is largely due to its isolation from the mainland and civilization in general. With humans occupying only 3% of the entire archipelago and approximately 80,000 people visiting the national park each year, one can still enjoy this isolation, whether it is exploring subtropical forests filled with orchids and hummingbirds, peaceful beaches with only a sea lion as company or hiking in the desert among the iguanas.

Adventures you can't find anywhere else on earth

The Galapagos Islands are one of the most volcanic regions in the world, formed by molten lava gushing out of the earth's crust. For several millennia, as the earth was uplifted, exploded and cooled, some truly spectacular formations provided excellent hiking, caving and scuba diving adventures for newlyweds.

Discover the wonders of the underwater world

Take your Galapagos honeymoon to a whole new world beneath the surface of the ocean. The abundance of marine life, the proportion of endemic species, the wonderfully clear waters and the wide range of underwater habitats make the Galapagos Islands one of the best places in the world for snorkeling and diving.

Isolated beaches

Worried that you won't have the opportunity to relax and enjoy your honeymoon in the Galapagos as a couple? The Galapagos archipelago has 13 km of coastline ranging from the green crystalline sand to the soft white sand of "Flour Beach". All secluded from the hectic pace of city life, there are many beaches with romantic spots to spend the afternoon. Garrapatero Beach is one of the many hidden gems of Galapagos, renowned for its beautiful turquoise waters and white sand.

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