My portrait for Vogue

At the moment, there is a wave, not to say a tsunami of small tests, Chinese portrait, "20 things about me" on IG and the WEB in general. My colleague Black_sapes had the idea of transforming this little game to give it a more fashionable look, more style, more "VOGUE" that is! (using her words!!!!) It's my turn today to answer and to reveal myself a little more. 1- If I were a garment : A boyfriend cut pants in a supple silk fabric. It adapts to all dressed situations, sportwear, casual, in heels or flat, it likes to change style like me. 2- If I was an accessory : A BELT, it upgrades a jacket or a dress and brings a little touch of color or print in a monochrome outfit. 3-If I was a shoe : A SCARPIN off course , like Black_sapes I am a fan of stilletos , high and thin heels. 4- If I was a material : LEATHER (another one in common with Black_sapes) so pleasant to wear, it's the only material that improves with age. 5-If I was a print : LEOPARD because it brings this glam and modern touch to any outfit. 6- If I were a color : BLACK In all seasons, in all circumstances, it never denotes 7-If I was a job, an effect: LA DENTELLE chic, sometimes glamorous, can be romantic, white, black. I love it. 8- If I were a fashion designer: TOM FORD, what he has done with Gucci is exceptional, and more recently VICTORIA BECKAM, I am a fan of her creations. 9- If I was a season: SUMMER the sun, tanned legs, light fabrics and always the possibility to wear a nice sweater or jacket on cooler days. 10- If I was a model : CARA DELEVINGNE, cheeky, with a wild charisma. 11- If I were an event, an occasion: A PARTY 12- If I were a time: OUR time. 13- If I was a style: GLAM CHIC, a mix that suits me well. 14- If I could make a dream come true: ASSIST THE FASHION WEEK, once only once and preferably in Milan or New York. So what do you say, does it suit me or not?
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