Interview with the creator of the brand Ann&Line

This month, I introduce you to Caroline , blogger and creator of the Ann&Line brand. A young woman who left her job and her country to follow her husband and who has recreated a universe for herself with her brand Ann&Line of which I am already a fan. You can find her collection on her blog or by contacting her by mail.

What is your job?

I don't know if I really have a profession with a name, I'm not really a stylist or a designer, I haven't done any studies for that anyway. I originally am a physiotherapist and osteopath, I sold my office in the Paris region in 2008 to follow my husband to Zurich. And after taking a break of a few years to watch my two children grow up, life took me on an unexpected path. I created my clothing brand, Ann&Line, at the end of 2013. Everything is falling into place, I'm learning as I go, it's exciting.

What do you like best in your job?

The creative side... Picturing my designs, imagining the silhouettes, looking for fabrics and details... I'm like Alice in Wonderland, I'm in love with beautiful materials, silks, laces...

What are the disadvantages of your job?

The administrative side... Since I do everything by myself for now, I also have to deal with bills and other papers and I hate...


Your favorite piece of attire right nowadays? An Ann&Line jacket, her name is Elisabeth, I received it last week, it's the first SS15 arrival, it's really perfect. Its cut, its fabric, it's really good.

What’s missing in you wardrobe?

Your Boy handbag!!!

What about your style?

Classic, chic, trendy but not too much.

Your favourite trends and designers?

Now I almost only wear what I make... I have to represent my brand, and all the time I'm asked, « This is pretty, is it from you? » A piece of clothing that's being worn always shows off better. Besides, I'm a fan of Isabel Marant's style, Chanel, St Laurent...

If you don’t know what to wear, what do you always end up wearing?

Basics… A leather slim and a black turtleneck in winter, jeans and a white tee in summer... Combined with a nice coat or jacket.

What will you never wear?

Leopard leggings with a zebra-striped top…

The latest item you bought?

A Max mara bekt.

Your best trip?

In Tailand, six years ago before I had children…
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