Finally: Wardrobe capsule

So that's it, here we are, I have finally sorted, given, sold, bought back and constituted my Wardrobe capsule (well almost!!!! I would have to do the same for my shoes and bags). I made one for several seasons, but you can also make 4, one for each season. For my part, I like to wear summer dresses in the winter (with tights of course) and keep my sweaters for the summer evenings a little cool. My capsule represents the core of my wardrobe, the essentials, the must-have. Of course around that there are some pieces that will change according to the trends and my desires. So the result: 4 coats (one parka, one beige, one black, one grey). 5 jackets (a black leather, a sequin jacket, a white jacket, a denim jacket, a leather jacket). 3 Black dresses, 2 short and one long. 4 other dresses 2 jeans 6 other pants ( 2 black pants, one leather, one chino and my culotte skirt, one white pants "no pictures yet ") Knit ( 7 Sweaters: one black cashmere, one grey cashmere and cotton, one red, 2 ecru, my dress cut into a sweater, 2 Vests: one black IRO " last purchase, you'll see it later!! ", one ecru) 6 shirts: ( 2 white, one leather, one check, one leopard and one denim) 11 tee-shirts ( 5 tank tops " one black, one white, one yellow, one blue, one green, one grey ", 4 patterned tee-shirts, one navy blue, one black) 5 shorts (one jeans, one white, one leather, one black, one beige skin) 2 sweats( one grey and one leopard print) 6 Tops ( 1 in beige silk, 1 nude, one white with stones, one black, my dress cut in top, one in English embroidery) Now I'm missing the skirts, not done yet, it's more difficult!!!! Otherwise we have a wardrobe capsule with 63 pieces (well it may seem a lot, but from where I was leaving it's very little)!!!! I'm missing a trench coat (Burberry, zadig and voltaire, Sandro), a grey cashmere cardigan (not found, you have to wait until September to have more choices), a simple white t-shirt, an Eres swimsuit, a beige cashmere sweater......... Here you are, so and you, when do you start your capsule ?
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