Capsule Wardrobe Part 1

After " So Basic So chic ", a new book from my darling " My dressing To-do list ". For some time now, I've been talking to him about the perfect dressing-room movement, and the Less is more concept. So I started to sort out my wardrobe and to rethink the way I buy. To help me with this, he gave me this book, which gives you the steps to follow, to lighten your wardrobe and make your Wardrobe capsule.


So the Wardrobe capsule concept: it is to define your style and to keep in your wardrobe only the best and above all that all the pieces you keep must go with everything and must allow you to dress in all circumstances and in all seasons. NOT SIMPLE! So here's my new challenge 1st step: try on your entire wardrobe and only keep what really suits you (that shows you off to your best advantage), forget the jeans you'll wear when you've lost the 3 kilos of winter or the cocktail dress if you never go to a cocktail party! 2nd step: we review the basics of the perfect wardrobe (a well cut jeans, a trench coat, a nice coat, a white shirt, a beautiful cashmere ....) see "So Basic So chic". 1st and 2nd stages in progress I'll tell you the rest later and show you the result.
The graphic fleece hoodie
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