Winter day care ritual

I offer you a new beauty post, with my morning beauty ritual right now:

  • Cleaning of the face with the crealine H2O of Bioderma (which also serves me as make-up remover in the evening).
  • A Nuxuriance eye contour from Nuxe, it smoothes out the fine lines of crow’s feet and possibly the dark circles of short nights!
  • My Clarins Double Serum, a shock treatment for the prevention and repair of wrinkles.
  • My moisturizing cream, I change it regularly and at the moment I am testing the TaliKA cream.
  • And finally, before the make-up, my Sampar Straightener, without which my make-up wouldn’t hold up as well all day and evening.

So you’re ready for makeup, and you have your ritual?

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